makes immortality
a digital reality.

Benefits of BeANKH Applikation

  • Possibility to create a DIGITAL YOU
  • Hundreds of use cases
  • Works At Lifetime And Beyond

Benefits for BeANKH Token Holders

  • Can use Token to pay for InApp Services
  • Get discount on BeANKH services
  • Can use BeANKH Application earlier than all others
BeANKH melds artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology to add immutability to digital immortality, allowing users to preserve and share their essential traits and personality long after their physical death.

Join us on this journey, towards tomorrow and towards, eternity.

Be Immortal. BeANKH.

How It Works.

BeANKH App (Web, iOS, Android)

  • Applies Artificial Intelligence on Your:
  • Social Media Interactions
  • Email Communication
  • Calendar Information
  • Interactions with BeANKH Trainer
  • Face, Emotion, Movement Capturing and Voice Recordings
  • Uses:
  • Data Anomaly Detection for Authenticity Checks
  • Bot Technology to Interact with Owner and Permitted Persons
  • Blockchain Technology to Make Data Secure and Tamper-Proof
  • Unique Assistant Features of BeANKH:
  • Build your own digital assistant who is like you, with your 3D avatar and a digital copy of your voice
  • Let your BeANKH prioritize tasks for you
  • Give your BeANKH tasks like organizing appointments for you
  • Unique Immortality Features of BeANKH:
  • Prepare a digital testament based on blockchain; use BeANKH Safe to store messages, documents, pictures, videos and cryptocurrencies for a secure scheduled handover in the future
  • Make your BeANKH available to successors you choose, i.e. to family members or friends
  • If you wish, make your BeANKH available to the public via BeANKH Person Gallery, i.e. for celebrities / people in public spotlight

Use Cases.

Future Messages
Future Messages
Record messages and let your DIGITAL YOU handover them on a certain date in the future or after personal death.
Crypto Testament
Crypto Testament
Put cryptocurrencies into your BeANKH Secure Wallet and let your DIGITAL YOU handover them on a certain date in the future or after personal death.
AI Gaming Bot
AI Gaming Bot
Let your DIGITAL YOU play boring parts of games for you while you do other things.
Birthday Manager
Birthday Manager
Let your DIGITAL YOU remind you on birthdays, propose compliments and presents.
Birthday Manager
You can give your DIGITAL YOU (DY) the order to manage the birthdays of your beloved ones. Your DY will do everything to make every birthday a special day. For this your DY is looking for the preferences of the birthday child and is going to make recommendations based on this information. But your DY can do even more. As it´s memory is unlimited it can tell you if you made presents in the past. And if yes, your DY can tell you what it was, what the price was and even if the birthday child liked your present or not. Based on your relationship to the birthday child your DY can prepare the text for the birthday compliments as well.
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Let your DIGITAL YOU like and comment for you while you focus on other priorities.
Automated Dating
Automated Dating
Let your DIGITAL YOU make a pre-selection of dating candidates for you on dating portals like Tinder.
Personal Assistant
Personal Assistant
Let your DIGITAL YOU organize appointments and answer messages for you, like you.
Visual Gaming Avatar
Visual Gaming Avatar
Use your DIGITAL YOU appearance and voice as live avatar in games.
Digital Friend
Digital Friend
Rent your DIGITAL YOU to other BeANKH users as a digital friend to gain income.
Shopping Manager
Shopping Manager
Let your DIGITAL YOU inform you about latest shopping trends based on your personal preferences.
Travel Manager
Travel Manager
Let your DIGITAL YOU identify your favorite travel option (e.g. train, car, airplane, bus, carsharing) to travel from A to B.
Vacation Friend Finder
Vacation Friend Finder
Let your DIGITAL YOU find a compatible friend for a vacation.
Health Advisor
Health Advisor
Let your DIGITAL YOU combine his own information with wearables to give health related recommendations.
Working Bot
Working Bot
Rent your DIGITAL YOU to fulfill specific tasks and earn money.
Public Library
Public Library
Make your DIGITAL YOU available for everyone.
Money Saver
Money Saver
Let your DIGITAL YOU find relevant discount coupons and offers for your purchases and needs.
Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality
Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality
Connect your DIGITAL YOU with AR/VR/MR hardware like Microsoft HoloLens and extend your personal experience.
Robot Controller
Robot Controller
Control humanoids or other type of robots with your DIGITAL YOU.
Fake Profile Detector
Fake Profile Detector
Let your DIGITAL YOU help you to detect fake profiles of you on social media channels and propose actions.
Intellectual Property Protector
Intellectual Property Protector
Let your DIGITAL YOU help you to protect your intellectual property / digital assets and propose actions.

General Architecture.

General Architecture

Blockchain Architecture.

Blockchain Architecture


Initial idea was born
Q1 2018
Founding AnkhLabs GmbH
Q2 2018
Fund Raising
Q4 2018
Development Start
Q2 2020
GO Live Mobile App (Initial Version, Community Only)
Q4 2020
GO Live All Apps
(Web, iOS, Android)
Q4 2021
GO Live Camera Usage for Emotion/Movement Capturing
Q3 2022
GO Live 3D Digital Avatar Functionality
Q4 2023
GO Live Natural Language Capturing
Q4 2024
GO Live Digital Copy of Voice Functionality


Christian Mars

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Since the age of 20 Christian has been working in IT and Software Development. After 10 years of working for Microsoft, in the sales department as well as in managerial roles, he forged a path as an entrepreneur. He has established, developed and successfully managed more than a dozen companies.

Volkan Yilmaz

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Volkan has an Electrotechnology background, 20 years of experience in Information Technology, and a proven track record in Financial Services, High-Tech Manufacturing and the Media & Entertainment Industry. Beside working for global companies like Reuters and Sky, Volkan worked for Microsoft for 12 years in various leading technology roles. He helped improve several Microsoft products and was a trusted advisor and architect for top international customers. He is a big fan of disruptive technologies and is passionate about Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technology.


Dr. Ben Goertzel

CEO SingularityNET & “Father of Artificial General Intelligence”

BeANKH is pursuing an incredibly important goal -- the reliable long-term preservation of intelligent minds and their knowledge and behavior patterns. With modern AI, neuroscience and blockchain technology we have the basic ingredients needed to start making serious progress in this direction. The BeANKH roadmap is focused on using these tools to, step by step, make the long-time dream of mind uploading a technically feasible reality.

Ina-Alice Kopp

Founder and CEO of LA-based ICO Advisory, International Fundraising Service and Placement Agency “ advisory”

Ina-Alice Kopp is the founder and CEO of the LA-based ICO advisory, international fundraising service and placement agency “ advisory”. Ina’s also a partner of, Home-E Capital and Blockstar Asset Management. She also works closely with the Swiss Crypto Finance Conference on their series of international and local events as well as with the Shanghai Blockchain Association.

Max Ng

Strategic Advisor

Max has been intimately involved in cryptocurrencies for many years. With extensive knowledge in Blockchain development, SEO services, corporate as well as social media marketing, he has been instrumental in numerous successful crypto-token projects. His passion for the industry inspired him to share his knowledge, and he co-founded the successful platform,